The Pangaea Characters

This is the vast and sprawling cast of characters that inhabit the world of Pangaea, neatly presented in alphabetical order!

The central characters have their own introduction pages – just click their names to read more about them, or scroll past this shorthand list to browse through them all.

Akari Sinju (#akari) Once a street-smart grifter, now the First Servant of the fallen tyrant Rannon ZanTaoyaka.

Aljana jal-Jahara (#aljana) A princess of Sirn and High Priestess of Chima. Relonia’s younger sister.

Azani (#azani) A tough girl who grew up on the streets of the capital during the Kayalana Civil War. These days a close and trusted servant of Rannon ZanTaoyaka.

Carryn of Carryn-yehl (#carryn) The king who ruled Carryn-yehl when it was overrun by the dark Warlock. Father of Corrin.

Corrin son of Carryn (#corrin) The empathetic prince of Carryn-yehl, who delivered his fallen homeland from the dark Warlock’s clutches.

Crow I An easygoing and kindhearted courtesan of the Floating City who befriended the lost and bewildered Kitsune and taught him the language and ways of the city.

Crow II / Hematite (#crow) An ambitious young courtesan of Machra-la. Far from his former life on Level 4, he now lives scarred and bitter in the Floating City slums.

Dagger (#dagger) A ruthless pimp and businessman of the Floating City of Machra-la. Owner of the slave Kitsune.

Ebenholtz (#ebenholtz) An ambitious viper of a lady and former courtesan of Machra-la. The partner of Narcissus.

Edra (#edra) A fighter and Mishra-healer who worked as a mercenary during the Kayalana Civil War. These days one of the close servants of Rannon ZanTaoyaka.

Eilah jal-Anir (#eilah) The wise and proud queen of Sirn. She was sickly and dying for years before her daughter used the forbidden powers torn from the dark Warlock to save her life.

Hanyohl jan-Jahara (#hanyohl) The stern king of Sirn, ever guarding his kingdom from the shadow of conquered Carryn-yehl to the north.

Islinn Anuari/ZanTaoyaka (#islinn) Princess of Kayalana and mother of Rion. She eagerly shared her husband’s dream of peace between the peoples, a dream that cost them everything.

Isokell ZanTaoyaka (#isokell) Daughter of Rion and Relonia and crown princess of Kayalana. Wise and devoted to duty in all things – but for matters of the heart.

Jarezin (#jarezin) Shantu of the Black Panther and one of Rion’s advisors, Jarezin is the enigmatic master of Kayalana’s spies and assassins.

Jiaka (#jiaka) First Servant of Tenotaka and of the few the melancholy king confided in. A fussy man holding traditions as holy, he refused to serve another after Tenotaka’s death.

Kamiyeh Koto (#kamiyeh) Shantu of the Lion and highest commander of the karakali warrior caste of Kayalana. Leader of the rebellion against Rannon during the Civil War.

Kann (#kann) A member of Akari’s street gang during the Civil War, now one of the closest servants and advisors of Rannon ZanTaoyaka, the overthrown tyrant.

Karaon ZanTaoyaka (#karaon) Son of Isokell and Rannon, Karaon is a bright and loving boy who is almost impossible not to like.

Keelavata Dashkarisna (#keela) Shanti of the Lynx and one of the king’s advisors, Keela fought against Rannon ZanTaoyaka in the Civil War to avenge the murder of her father.

Kenji Sinju (#kenji) Akari’s older brother, ever trying to balance his younger brother’s equally crazy and brilliant ideas with some common sense. Now one of Rannon’s close servants.

Kestrel (#kestrel) An unusually amicable businessman and pimp of Machra-la’s Floating City. Master of the courtesans named Crow.

Khata (#khata) One of the Warlock’s dreaded dragons. A living weapon of mass destruction – unfortunately also imbued with a vicious sense of humour.

Kirin son of Corrin (#kirin) Corrin’s firstborn son and heir. He nearly lost his life to a severe illness in childhood, but was saved through help from an unexpected quarter.

Koqonoxha (#koqonoxha) The wizened old king of Ku’Ombos, who met his fate at the hand of his own treacherous son Maqaxha.

Lapis Lazuli (#lazuli) The languid, lethal lord of Machra-la, Lazuli is as skilled a politician as he is a lover. Many corpses have been left in his wake along his rise to power…

Lylacra (#lylacra) The dark Warlock’s only friend, named for the northern star. Ever asking him to leave the darkness behind, she paid the price for his obsession with vengeance.

Maqaxha / Kitsune / Maqa (#maqaxha) The fanatic zealot prince who got tired of waiting for his father to die and leave him the throne, and decided to speed up the process…

Medreth jal-Anir (#medreth) The stern matriarch of Sirn’s Clan of the Plains, and queen Eilah’s sister.

Meimere ZanToyaka (#meimere) The sweet daughter of Rannon and Isokell.

Meishi (#meishi) A shrewd former streetwalker who ended up First Servant and one of the advisors of king Rylerion. There are few he trusts more than his motherly confidant.

Na-Merate ZanTaoyaka (#merate) The gentle queen of king Tenotaka, beloved by high and low-born alike. She lost her life in childbirth and without her, Kayalana was never the same.

Narcissus (#narcissus) A shining socialite star of decadent Machra-la, Narcissus is a honey-sweet and absolutely ruthless player of the game of power.

Nera Sinju (#nera) Akari’s and Kenji’s widowed mother, a humble woman who constantly frets about her sons and the alien new world of courtly life they have dared enter.

Neyrika / The Roh (#neyrika) The elusive forest spirit of Carryn-yehl, Neyrika entranced its king and bore him a fae child before vanishing back into her wilderness.

Rannon ZanTaoyaka (#rannon) Second son of king Tenotaka, unexpectedly thrown first in line for the throne when his brother died, Rannon’s 20-year reign held both a glorious era of prosperity as well as the bitter Civil War that almost led Kayalana to utter ruin. Overthrown but spared by his successor, he is now one of Rylerion’s closest advisors.

Rashka (#rashka) One of the Warlock’s dragons, Rashka was created for glorious destruction. Alas, her tongue is even sharper than her talons.

Raun Gramo (#gramo) A surly reclusive trapper of the high mountains who took in the orphaned Rion. For all his faults, in his own way, he cared about the little monster in his care.

Relonia jal-Jahara (#relonia) The proud and wild-hearted princess of Sirn, who fearlessly ventured into the darkness of conquered Carryn-yehl to vanquish the dark Warlock. Because of a whim of mercy towards her broken captive, she later met and fell in love with the king of Kayalana and set out to make the world anew and usher in an era of peace between the peoples.

Rylerion Zantaoyaka / Rion (#rion) Born a prince of Kayalana, the child Rion was stranded alone on the far side of the mountains after his parents were slain by the very people they had come to befriend. Coming across powers beyond compare, he styled himself The Warlock and wrought his vengeance on the land that had wronged him so. But his reign of darkness came to an end when Corrin, prince of the conquered kingdom, and the princess Relonia of Sirn to the south, defeated him and tore the dark powers from him. Shown unexpected mercy he was set free in secret, and set out to find his once homeland, where a very different life awaited him.

Shaqani / Shaqanixha (#shaqani) Youngest princess of Ku’Ombos, Shaqani inherited the throne after her brother murdered their father and himself vanished without a trace.

Shayari ZanTaoyaka (#shayari) Crown prince of Kayalana and Rion’s father, he held grand plans of uniting Ititshi and Arani in peace. But beyond the mountains awaited only death.

Silver (#silver) A powerful lady of Machra-la, and the scheming ringleader behind the very nearly succesful attempt on Lazuli’s life soon after he had declared himself king.

Soothsayer (#soothsayer) A renegade Chima priestess, serving as Lazuli’s personal diviner and one of his very few trusted confidants.

Tajkhan Dashkarisna (#taj) Once Shantu of the Lion, he served as Rannon ZanTaoyaka’s mentor and closest advisor, until he was accused of treason and slain by his young king.

Tenotaka ZanTaoyaka (#tenotaka) The king of Kayalana before Rannon. An austere man of little warmth after his beloved queen died, he lived on for cold hard duty alone.

When (#when) The Mayor of the Blue Lotus court of Machra-la, and Lazuli’s right hand woman. Keeping the day to day business of Machra-la running smoothly.

Zamiel (#zamiel) An ancient mystic of great power, Zamiel is the High Priestess of Chima in Kayalana’s mother temple.

Ziradess ZanTaoyaka (#ziradess) Daughter of Rylerion and Relonia, Ziradess is an untamed spirit and destined to one day rule her mother’s old homeland Sirn.

Zuriva ZanTaoyaka (#zuriva) Queen of Kayalana and mother of Tenotaka. A commanding queen and a hard woman of little tenderness or joy.

Akari Sinju

Name: Akari Sinju
Title: First Servant of Rannon ZanTaoyaka
Birthday: November 29th

Ethnicity: Ititshi (Kayalana)
Eye Color: Aqua
Hair color: Black Cherry
Skin color: White

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Akari is a talented young grifter, making his living on the streets of the capital during the Civil War alongside his brother Kenji, constantly dodging ceaseless attempts at being drafted into either side’s army.

A natural talent at swindling, pick-pocketing, cheating and stealing, he soon gathers a small gang of equally clever and desperate youngsters around him, making a living in any way they can. Continue reading “Akari Sinju”

Aljana jal-Jahara

Name: Aljana jal-Jahara
Title: Princess of Sirn, High Priestess of Chima
Birthday: April 30th

Ethnicity:   Arani (Sirn)
Eye Color:     Brown Hazel   
Hair color:     Light Gold  
Skin color:     Bronze   

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Aljana is the second daughter of King Hanyohl and Queen Eilah of Sirn, and younger sister of Relonia.

An ambitious woman of fierce integrity and harsh sense of judgment, she always had a deep fascination with the absoluteness of the divine, and early on she chose a spiritual path. Sirn already had it’s great future queen in her sister, Relonia, and so Aljana turned her back on petty worldly matters and dedicated herself to the mystic, training to become a priestess of Chima. Continue reading “Aljana jal-Jahara”


Name: Azani
Position: Servant of Rannon ZanTaoyaka
Birthday: ??

Ethnicity: Ititshi (Kayalana)
Eye Color: Light Yellow
Hair color: Black
Skin color: White

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Azani is a harsh and street-smart young woman, grown up in the seedier alleys of the capital during the Civil War, and no stranger to fighting and defending herself.

When Akari invites her to join his gang of misfits, she is standoffish at first – she has managed well on her own so far, and placing trust in others tends to be a weakness rather than strength. Continue reading “Azani”


Name: Carryn
Title: King of Carryn-yehl
Birthday: ??

Ethnicity: Arani (Carryn-yehl)
Eye Color: Slate
Hair color: Chestnut
Skin color: Light Bronze

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Carryn was the king of Carryn-yehl, the land traditionally named after its ruler, husband of queen Neyrika and father of prince Corrin.

As a young king, he came upon a beautiful woman in the woods while out hunting, and bewitched by her charms, he married her and made her his queen. She bore him a son, the fair prince Corrin, and shortly after vanished without a trace back into her wilderness. Continue reading “Carryn”

Corrin son of Carryn

Name: Corrin, son of Carryn
Titles: Prince of Carryn-yehl, King of Carryn-yehl
Birthday: March 15th

Ethnicity: Arani (Carryn-yehl)
Eye Color: Violet
Hair color: Platinum
Skin color: Bronze

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Corrin is the son of King Carryn of Carryn-yehl, and his queen, Neyrika – a mysterious woman the young king encountered during a hunt in the deepest forests. A powerful forest-spirit in human guise, she enthralled the king, wed him and bore him a son, then returned to her wilderness as suddenly as she had appeared. Continue reading “Corrin son of Carryn”


Name: Kekutepacuam, Hematite, Crow
Birthday: January 19th

Ethnicity: Ititshi (Bahari)
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair color: Hematite
Skin color: White

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Crow is a young courtesan of Machra-la. Born on a remote island in the Bahari archipelago, he was sold as a young boy to Machralese merchants in exchange for medicine when his tribe came down with a sickness that threatened to wipe them out.

Torn from his island he was brought to the bustling, lethal madness that is Machra-la, brutally thrown straight into its filthy underbelly. Many young slaves would break and die within the first few months, but the boy hardened his heart, buried all memories of his old life forever, to carve out survival, tooth and nail. Jaded bitterness came very early, it was the only way to stay alive. Continue reading “Crow”


 Name: Dagger
Birthday: June 29th

Ethnicity: Ititshi (Machra-la)
Eye Color: Light Blue
Hair color: Grizzled Black
Skin color: White

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Dagger is a pimp, businessman and jack-of-all-trades in the Floating City of Machra-la.

In his youth a Level Four courtesan of some renown, he saved up a decent enough sum to  buy a name of his own choice, and start up his own business in the Floating City outside the city walls. Jaded and hard, he is a ruthless master to any courtesan in his care, and money is the one thing he truly cares about. Continue reading “Dagger”


Name: Ebenholtz
Title: Saya, noblewoman of Machra-la
Birthday: ??

Ethnicity: Ititshi (Machra-la)
Eye Color: Blue-to-yellow
Hair color: Black
Skin color: White

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Ebenholtz is an aggressively ambitious lady of Machra-la, magnificent enough to climb high on the social ladder, but not quite extraordinary enough to reach the highest heights. Seeing promise in an up-and-rising young star, she extended an offer of partnership to Narcissus, and with her experience and social network and his beauty and fame, they crushed all rivals and set their sights on the throne itself.

As it turned out, Lapis Lazuli finally beat them on the finish line, and was no doubt tempted to conveniently rid himself of his bitter rivals once crowned – but being rather fond of Narcissus, he chose to let them live. Continue reading “Ebenholtz”


Name: Edra
Position: Mishra-healer, Servant of Rannon ZanTaoyaka
Birthday: ??

Ethnicity: Ititshi (Kayalana)
Eye Color: Lavender
Hair color: Lavender Black
Skin color: White

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Edra is an imposing figure, and makes up for her lack of spoken words with sheer stature. A trained Mishra-healer, she knows perfectly well how to set a bone – or break one. Taking on odd jobs as raw muscle, her first meeting with Akari‘s street gang is by thwarting their plans to rob her employer, leaving them limping and crawling away at speed. Continue reading “Edra”

Eilah jal-Anir

Name: Eilah jal-Anir
Title: Queen of Sirn
Birthday: ??

Ethnicity: Arani (Sirn)
Eye Color: Hazelnut
Hair color: Brown
Skin color: Bronze

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Eilah is the queen of Sirn, co-regent alongside her husband king Hanyohl, and mother of Relonia and Aljana

A lady of the Clan of the Plains, originally hailing from the fertile northwestern Nehren region, she found the barren desert surrounding her new home in the capital bleak and harsh. She dedicated herself to the palace gardens to alleviate her homesick heart, and under her care, they flourished into legendary beauty.

But after several happy years with her family, she fell ill, her once-strength waning, and her faltering health had her confined to a tower overlooking her beloved gardens, no longer able to nurture them with her care. Continue reading “Eilah jal-Anir”