Na-Merate ZanTaoyaka


Name: Na-Merate ZanTaoyaka
Title: Saya-rama, Queen of Kayalana
Celestial guardian: Cloudserpent

Ethnicity: Ititshi (Kayalana)
Eye Color: Dove Grey
Hair color: Dark Brown
Skin color: White

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Merate was the beloved queen of Tenotaka, and the mother of Shayari and Rannon.

Nicknamed the Dove for her soft grey eyes, she was a gentle and kind woman who always strove to see beauty in all things. So dear was she to high-born and low-born alike, that she was ever referred to with the diminutive Na-prefix, meaning “sweet, loved”.

As has sometimes been the case with the royal bloodline, she and the king had trouble conceiving, and it was a great joy to them both when Shayari was born. As the years passed, it appeared they would never have any more children, but they were content with each other and their son and asked for nothing more.

But then, to their great surprise, it turned out the queen was once again with child. With some alarm they learned the child was expected barely a month into the new year – not an auspicious time, so close to the dreaded night outside time. Ravaged by anxiety, knowing no creature brought into the world that night could be allowed to live, the no longer young queen went into premature labour in the hours leading into that forbidden night.

Desperate to delay that her child may live, she commanded anything in the healers’ power be done to postpone the birth. In the end they succeeded, but at cruel cost – even as her newborn drew his first feeble breaths, she drew her last.

Beloved by all, Na-Merate left behind a nation in deep grief, a broken family, and a newborn child who would never know a mother’s love.

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