Name: Zamiel
Title: High Priestess of Chima

Ethnicity: Ititshi (Kayalana)
Eye Color: White
Hair color: White
Skin color: White

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Zamiel is the High Priestess of Chima, residing in the ancient Great Temple of Chima in northern Kayalana.

Zamiel is the oldest and most powerful of the Chima priesthood; a sect of mystics utterly devoted the service of their goddess. Through the final rite of initiation, the acolytes are granted certain gifts, some assured, others more elusive in nature. By swearing their lives to the goddess and sacrificing the ability to ever have children, they are granted very long lives. Some are given the power to heal even the most fatal wounds, some can foresee events to come.

A vastly powerful sage, Zamiel is a far-seeing oracle as well as a healer, granted visions of endless possible futures and alternate pasts through her goddess’ dominion over time. Only very rarely interfering in the worldly matters of humanity, she spends most of her time in meditating prayer contemplating the world, the cause and effect of every minuscule thing, to gain a greater understanding of the workings of the divine.

Leaving her temple only to preside over the coronation of new kings, the funerals of old ones, and other such crucial milestones of the country and royal family, she is a rare sight that even the powerful may only see once or twice in a lifetime.

She recognizes the touch of the goddess in Rylerion, and considers all the intricate threads of fate that shaped the course of events of his life, and their affect on Kayalana and the world in turn, the will of the highest power. He is not quite as convinced.

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