Mystery Solved by Lawenta

Mystery Solved by Lawenta
Characters: Rylerion, Relonia, Corrin
Summary: Relonia and Corrin finally learn the true identity of the elusive King of Kayalana.
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Makes sense, was her first stunned thought as the King of Kayalana finally presented himself.

She’d recognize that face anywhere, although the expression was completely different – actually, that was her second thought, that he didn’t look nearly as prideful as a monarch as he used to look as a condemned captive waiting for death.

To say he looked sheepish would be a lie, but the tension in his hands belied the pleasant politeness he was trying to project. She’d learned to look at those hands back then, usually nervous and ready to protect vulnerable places even as the rest of him mocked and taunted her.

He still wore her Chima ring.

“I can’t be here right now.“

She startled at the fury in Corrin’s voice, quiet but in the utter silence of the throne room still deafeningly loud. The king’s advisors shifted, somewhere at the periphery of her attention. Corrin’s glance her way was brief but clear enough; she planted her feet and shook her head nearly imperceptibly.

His expression shuttered, too complicated to read, and then he turned on his heel and stormed out.

She wished she could follow him right away, but she had a duty here, for both of their sakes. And a lot of questions.

She let out a long exhale, squared her shoulders and faced the king again. Rylerion ZanTaoyaka, apparently, or at least officially, though now that she knew, she could spot the family resemblance between him and his charming predecessor.

How ironic. She had thought that maybe she would have something in common with the young king, considering they both let their former enemies live.

Talk about an understatement.

But he still wore her Chima ring. And he went to great lengths to make both her and Corrin comfortable here and vaguely reassured that peace would be very welcome, yes and thank you, instead of politely and firmly turning them away at the border. It would spare him the revelation.

Going by how tense he was, he definitely regretted that decision now.

The last time she saw him, she was at the height of her power, drawing from the pendant with abandon (until she didn’t).

Years before that, with the help of the very same pendant, he singlehandedly stormed the capital of another country and wiped out the entire castle except her almost-brother.

No wonder he was afraid.

She didn’t want him afraid. She wanted to get him to talk. It was a sudden realization, as realizations tend to be, but actually not all that surprising. She’d learned to keep righteous fury on a tight leash years ago, but curiosity, that was a different matter entirely.

She smiled at him. She didn’t even have to force herself.

“My apologies, King Rylerion. I’ll be happy to discuss what our nations have to offer each other, but I’d rather make sure my friend is alright first. If that is fine with you?“

He looked like he had some trouble getting his throat to work.

“Of course. Maybe we could meet at dinner?“

Strained or not, he had a nice voice, now that she thought about it.

She smiled brighter.

“It will be my pleasure.“


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