Aljana jal-Jahara

Name: Aljana jal-Jahara
Title: Princess of Sirn, High Priestess of Chima
Birthday: April 30th

Ethnicity:   Arani (Sirn)
Eye Color:     Brown Hazel   
Hair color:     Light Gold  
Skin color:     Bronze   

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Aljana is the second daughter of King Hanyohl and Queen Eilah of Sirn, and younger sister of Relonia.

An ambitious woman of fierce integrity and harsh sense of judgment, she always had a deep fascination with the absoluteness of the divine, and early on she chose a spiritual path. Sirn already had it’s great future queen in her sister, Relonia, and so Aljana turned her back on petty worldly matters and dedicated herself to the mystic, training to become a priestess of Chima.

While not always eye to eye with her sister, she was thoroughly proud when Relonia took it upon herself to liberate conquered Carryn-yehl to the north, and agreed wholeheartedly with the harsh judgment passed upon its destroyer.

The sisterly accord did not last long, however – after her impulsive journey to the Ititshi lands a few years later, Relonia returned and delivered the inconceivable news that she intended to leave Sirn forever, to marry a foreign Ititshi king. Outraged, partly because of Relonia choosing infatuation over duty, Aljana more importantly found herself expected to set her own spiritual ambitions aside to take up her sister’s place as co-ruler, suddenly first in line for the throne.

Angrily, she refused to give up on her lifelong devotion, and as an act of rebellion, she took her temple vows and gained her priestess tattoos, thus making herself impossible as future Queen. Relonia was equally furious, accusing her sister of sabotaging not only her true love, but the delicate peace she was trying to forge between the Arani and Ititshi nations. Locked in a stalemate of betrayal, hurt and anger, they finally reached a bitter compromise – Aljana would serve as Queen Eilah‘s co-ruler in Relonia‘s absence, but Relonia would have to supply the next heir, promising one of her future children to Sirn.

The sisters parted ways in cold silence, to see very little of each other over the upcoming years.

Suspicious of Relonia‘s alien husband, the Kayalan King Rylerion, and the visions of a united world he had used to lure her sister to his side, Aljana watched from afar as the once so safe and static world began to change. Mistrustful of the Western Chima-sects and their controversial rituals, she tried with little success to limit their influence in her homeland. Even more distressed she became with the influx of Machralese narcotics and poisons, and insidious cultural clashes tearing the ancient traditions she was set to watch over apart.

Relonia remained true to her word, at least, and swore her second daughter, Ziradess, to the Sirn line of succession. After sporadic visits in childhood, Ziradess finally moved to her mother’s homeland in her early teens, to learn of the nation she was set to one day inherit. Irreverent, energetic and as mindless of Sirn tradition as proper conduct, she hit the At-ni Cal court like a whirlwind, and for Aljana, trying to guide the young princess became a never-ending source of both reluctant mirth and aggravated frustration.

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