Rylerion ZanTaoyaka

Name: Rylerion ZanTaoyaka, Rion
Title: Sati-rehu, Prince of Kayalana, Dark Lord of Carryn-yehl, Warlock, Sati-rama, King of Kayalana
Birthday: New Year’s Eve
Celestial guardian: Phoenix

Ethnicity:  Ititshi (Kayalana)
Eye Color:    Black  
Hair color:    Black  
Skin color:    White   

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Rylerion is the first and only child of Princess Islinn and the Crown Prince Shayari of Kayalana. According to ancient dark tradition, no child born on the night outside time, between the old year and the new, is allowed to live – but the old king set tradition aside this once for the sake of his beloved son.

Eager to rebuild not only his inherited kingdom, but its standing among the other nations, Rylerion reached out to the Empress of Bahari in the south – and in an unprecedented move, also to the notorious island kingdom of Machra-la. While Bahari chose to keep their borders closed, Machra-la eagerly accepted his cautious proposal for trade, and he was invited to further discuss what the two Kingdoms might offer each other.

What neither Rion or Lapis Lazuli, the charismatic lord of Machra-la, could possibly have foreseen was the intense and instant attraction between them. Struggling with painful memories of his past as well as the traditional conventions of the people he grew up amidst, Rion tried to resist the pull but finally succumbed, and to his equal parts shame and wonder they spent an intoxicating night together.

As Kayalana and Machra-la entered a mutually beneficial arrangement of political relations, so did their rulers, and one night together became many more, their liaison a well-known secret.

Guided by his council and adored by his people, Rylerion worked with great determination to rise Kayalana from the cold ashes of the Civil War, though with little respect for tradition for tradition’s own sake, many of the things he wrought were new, breaking up the stratified classes of old to utilize the talents of the people as a whole. Slowly but steadily, the reborn kingdom flourished.

Then came messengers from Shanti Keelavata‘s troops in the mountains that filled Rion with both hope and dread. A group of illustrious Arani had shown up at the border, declaring their wish for peace between the peoples, to everyone’s great excitement. But these were Arani he knew only too well, King Corrin of Carryn-yehl, the land he had once laid to ruin, and Relonia, the princess of Sirn, his judge and would-be executioner who punished him so cruelly and finally set him free on a whim of mercy.

But the promise of peace, his father’s dream, a chance for the rift between the peoples to heal at last was too great an opportunity to turn down, and so with great trepidation he extended to them his anonymous welcome, doing everything in his power to make sure they would learn along the way to love Kayalana as he had. To encourage their desire for peace – and to see that the kingdom would hopefully be spared, should his once enemies turn their fearsome powers against him once more.

To his bewilderment, the precarious meeting played out not at all how he had expected – Corrin, who had once been so selflessly compassionate, was bitter to find the ravager of his kingdom upon a new throne. But Relonia, the one whose powers and judgment he had truly feared, seemed delighted to meet him again.

Despite the tension of the troubled past between them, they all agreed they wanted the same thing – peace and prosperity between the Arani and Ititshi at last. Never one to be left out when there was potential profit to be made, Lapis Lazuli of Machra-la invited himself to the delicate negotiations, much to Rion’s nervous fretting, and in the end, the four nations signed a first tentative treaty of peace.

Still grieving the loss of Corrin‘s almost-friendship, Rion found himself often sought out by Relonia, apprehensive of her still, but accommodating for the sake of peace. It seemed she had spent much time grappling with her conscience and the dark powers that once consumed her since they last met, and she hungered to share her thoughts with someone – the only one – who could understand. Slowly and warily they came to speak candidly of their deepest darkness – and their determined parallel journeys toward the light.

Just before their departure back to the East, Relonia jested that the one thing that would truly unite the peoples would be a royal wedding. Taken perfectly aback, Rion realized there was a serious note beneath the levity, and they both found themselves contemplating the possibility in long silence. Agreeing to think upon it until their next meeting, they parted ways.

Fulfilling their end of the treaty, Kayalana sent much aid to the recovering Carryn-yehl, as a gesture of good faith between nations, though Rion’s guilt no doubt made the donations more generous yet. Arani and Ititshi began meeting in cautious curiosity, laying down the foundations of a new city in a valley halfway through the mountains, that would come to serve as a meeting place and hub of commerce. They named it Hope.

To further demonstrate Kayalana’s good will, Rion set out on a state visit to the Arani nations, aching with longing to see again the land where he grew up, but at the same time dreading to face the scars of his wanton destruction. Warmly welcomed by the Carrysh people, known to them only as the generous King of Kayalana, the visit was still kept short by Corrin, if anything made more bitter by having to act so friendly to their supposed benefactor. Wrecked with remorse, Rion chose to leave Carryn-yehl as soon as was polite, to head on to Sirn, and the awaiting princess.

Approaching the place of his once-judgment with apprehension, again Relonia surprised him. Warmly welcoming him and his retinue, she was elated to meet him again, and they found further trust and solace in each other. They swore to become each other’s guardian, to keep each other steady in the light, never allowing darkness to take hold of the other again.

And so, youthfully nervous but curious and determined, they decided they would go ahead with the mad idea to get married, to literally unite the Ititshi and Arani worlds once and for all, making real the dream of peace.

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