Relonia jal-Jahara

Name: Relonia jal-Jahara
Title: Princess of Sirn, Saya-rama, Queen of Kayalana
Birthday: August 17
Celestial guardian: Keysha

Ethnicity:   Arani (Sirn)
Eye Color:     Olive Green   
Hair color:     Gold   
Skin color:     Bronze   

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Relonia is the daughter of Queen Eilah and King Hanyohl of Sirn; a headstrong and self-assured young woman with a fierce sense of justice only matched by her appetite for thrill and adventure.

When Carryn-yehl to the north fell to the hordes of the Ititshi Warlock, her family welcomed the refugee prince Corrin among them, and they grow up akin to brother and sister. Encouraging Corrin to reclaim his lost kingdom, she went alongside him into the forbidden dark land to vanquish the monster upon its throne. In the battle against the Warlock, she instinctively tore away the amulet that was the source of his magic, jubilant as he fell, not knowing yet she had claimed its powers for herself.

Dragging the murderous conqueror in chains to Sirn to face trial and justice for his crimes against the innocent Carrysh people, she surprised everyone by demanding his execution postponed, thinking a quick death too kind a fate for such a loathsome creature. Seduced by the dark powers she had claimed, she learned to wield the amulet to do wondrous things – and sinister. She used the limitless magic to heal her ailing mother Eilah‘s fatal illness, but she also took dark delight in thinking up one punishment crueler than the next for her Ititshi captive.

It came to a head on the morning of his execution, when she looked with cruel anticipation into his broken eyes, and realized with horror she had become everything she accused him of being. With almost inhuman willpower, she wrestled the alluring dark powers under her control, reclaiming her own heart.

And, unable in that heart to condemn another for being the prisoner of the same darkness as she, she made a different choice.

On the sworn condition that he would never hurt another again, she gifted her dark prisoner a Chima-crested ring as a sign of her mercy, and in secret set him free. A staged execution was played out, satisfying everyone that the Warlock was well and truly dead at last.

But in her heart, she found it hard to stop thinking about him. If the shadows of the amulet were to blame for his darkness, then who was the man beneath? Where had the medallion first come from – even more confounding, where had the Ititshi himself come from? A restless, inquisitive spirit at heart, she set out to find at least some of her answers.

Learning as much as she could about the elusive Ititshi people, which wasn’t much, she finally decided to go seek them out for herself. Her innate self-assurance heightened even further by the cosmic powers she now held on a tight leash, she set out to cross the vast mountain range alongside Corrin and a retinue, to learn for the first time what might be on the far side – and maybe finally make peace between the peoples as she went.

To her delighted amazement, what she found were no primitive settlements, but the ancient Ititshi kingdom of Kayalana. Escorted by the Shanti Keelavata to the capital, she and Corrin spent weeks with Keela and the king’s uncle, Rannon, as their guides, getting to know the land and its people. Still, the current King of Kayalana himself turned out more evasive, ever polite and generous in his absence, but absent nonetheless.

Then, finally, she and Corrin were brought to meet him, and in absolute shock and surprise, they recognized him as the once-Warlock, now known to be named Rylerion.

Quickly telling them what he had recently learned of how he had come to the Arani lands in the first place, lone survivor of the late prince Shayari‘s mission for peace, he was welcoming but understandably apprehensive at their presence. But while Corrin was less than pleased to learn of the Warlock‘s new position of power, Relonia was thrilled to finally have a chance to ask the man all the questions that had burned within her for so long.

Whilst it was clear the Kayalana king’s real identity could never be revealed to the Arani peoples without incurring demands for vengeance and all-out war, all the young royals shared at heart the same desire for peace, and though their collaboration was not entirely without friction, a first tentative treaty was signed between Sirn, Carryn-yehl, Kayalana and the Ititshi island kingdom of Machra-la.

Happily spending as much of their remaining time as possible in the king’s company, she discovered that the once so fearsome Warlock had grown into into a compassionate and dedicated ruler of his people – and a rather socially awkward young man, at that. With equal shares dismay and delight, she realized she was falling helplessly in love.

Jokingly stating that certainly no other act would unite the peoples quite as a royal wedding, her already blazing heart sang when he stopped to give it surprised but serious contemplation. Agreeing that they would both think upon the proposition until his upcoming state visit to Carryn-yehl and Sirn, they parted ways.

When they finally met in the East many months later, it was clear to her that the journey through Carryn-yehl had been a grim parade of memories for the one once responsible for its destruction. Being together in Sirn, where she had once tormented him so, she could find the dark guilt that weighed on him quite relatable. But the darkness they had both struggled with and overcome turned out to be a stepping stone of common ground, a solid small foundation for familiarity and trust.

Knowing no-one else would ever understand the elated terror of that darkness and the allure of those inhuman powers, they swore to become each other’s guardian, to ensure at any cost that neither of them would be allowed to fall into that dark again.

With some mortified trepidation, but mostly with genuine and curious affection, they thus decided to go through with the once so impulsive suggestion to get married.

And so Arani and Ititshi were united and the old dream of peace between the peoples made real at last.

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