Marital Advice

Be nice to him, Meishi, he’s heading into unknown, very scary waters here!

No-one ever sat down to have The Talk with the former Warlock, current King. He probably doesn’t even know what lady bits look like, much less how to handle them. So yes, he’s very lucky to have someone who’s both such a down-to-earth expert about the whole thing, and familiar and relaxed enough to talk birds and bees with her king without batting an eyelid.

I have no doubt Relonia will have reason to thank her down the line, though… ♥

For being a Kayalanian king, Rion is very nontraditional in that he absolutely does not want any servants to groom or clothe him. He’s fully capable of doing it himself, thank you very much, and also in privacy. (the one bonus about becoming king after a war – “not wasting resources” is a great excuse to get away with not eating meat, not having servants and guards posted in your room while you sleep, not wearing the biggest and most uncomfortable fancy clothes and so on and so on.)

Meishi, though, Meishi will casually tuck away his hair and straighten his clothes when needed, and if she told him to spit on a napkin so she could wipe a smudge off his cheek, he’d probably just do it without thinking. He doesn’t like having people close or touching him. Meishi doesn’t count, she’s Meishi, not people.

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