Ever Unforgiven

Have another quick sketch! Not sure if actual canon scene, or just relatively accurate representation of the emotional states of the two gentlemen in question whenever they meet.

Rion who so hopelessly looks up to Corrin, wrecked by guilt and desperate for just a sliver of approval that he’s on the right path, (while knowing deep inside he is fallen beyond hope, can never undo the dark deeds he’s done.)

And Corrin who regards Rion with a mix of resentment and pity, oscillating between letting justified anger take the reins, and holding back, trying to keep things coolly civil.

It tends to balance out to neither one satisfied, both just upset and frustrated and hurting. With some small, weeping sliver of actual mutual yearning for friendship buried so deep down it’s more shrapnel damage than anything healthy at this point. ♥

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