Borrowed Purity

So, this would be that time Corrin was visiting the Sirn court to attend King Hanyohl’s funeral ceremony. When he went to speak to Rion, he found the Ititshi captive in such a miserable state in the dungeons that he decided to do what he often did during the journey from Carryn-yehl to Sirn – pluck him along to his own quarters for “interrogation” (ie quiet conversation), so the poor man could at least have a bath and a cup of tea. And of course it would somewhat negate the whole point to pull the filthy rags right back on after scrubbing, and Corrin does have a lot of old spare clothes left in Sirn, so it only make sense to lend some for the day.

Unprompted gestures of kindness. Rion just can’t fathom it. But he is grateful. And his wary respect for Corrin skyrockets yet another few notches.

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