Royal Playdate

Did someone say royal children of Carryn-yehl and Kayalana playdates? ♥

“I’m a unicorn!”
“I’m a unicorn, too!”
“Well I’m the fastest unicorn!”

And meanwhile Kirin be like:

“I read some of your books! Is it true the stars are big and far away and not small and close? What about the moons? How big are they? Bigger than Carryn-yehl? Is Kayalana bigger than Carryn-yehl? Can you change into a unicorn like dad? Or a dragon! Is it true your uncle is a dragon? Or is that just a nickname? Aunt Relonia calls us floofballs sometimes. Do you have any nicknames? Besides The Warlock? :D”

And Corrin and Livalis are, understandably: ಠ_ಠ  

A first concept draft of the Carrysh triplets’ design – I haven’t really decided on their colours yet, so consider these placeholders. But it’s something! 🙂



Quezycoatl on tumblr said: I hope the dark warlock doesn’t corrupt your kiddo Corrin….

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