Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Court Of Kayalana?

Test your knowledge – how well do you know the goings-on in the royal palace of Kayalana?


Wow, you really know your way around the court of Kayalana! Congratulations!
Not quite there yet - you may need to practice your court etiquette just a little bit more to look at home...

#1. After which great event was Rion crowned king?

#2. Who was the last Queen of Kayalana before Relonia?

#3. Who is Rannon’s First Servant?

#4. Where is the Kayalana royal palace located?

#5. Who hasn’t been a First Servant to the royal family?

#6. What uncharacteristic quirk does Rannon insist on?

#7. What is the special Kayalana custom for New Year’s Eve?

#8. Which are the royal colours of Kayalana?

#9. Which of these is not a celestial guardian of the royal zodiac?

#10. Which is the only future regent to actually grow up in the royal palace?

#11. Who is the spymaster on the King’s Council?

#12. What material is used for the royal crowns of Kayalana?

#13. On which finger does Rion wear Akaua’s ring of power?


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