Rag Tag Team

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It’s a somewhat cute fact that Rannon did not so much employ as get adopted by Akari’s street gang – and it just ended up unexpectedly well for everyone involved.

“I regret to inform you, sati Rannon, that you lost this round. Do you wish to play again?”

“The perimeter is secure, sati. Also, you didn’t skip breakfast again, did you? Because I will find out.”


“The paperwork you requested, sati! I sorted and organized it, and color-coded it by relevance!”

“So we got some really good intel on that cell of remaining mercenaries who claim to be loyal to you but really just like to start shit? I think we can really get them this time! Also, you did have breakfast, didn’t you?”


“The information you brought does look promising, well done. But I will remind you that I am your master and will decide for myself when I do or do not eat.”

“Nope, nope, that’s a “no”, not acceptable, Kenji, go get our sati some breakfast. Actually make it double and call it brunch.”

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