Name: Maqaxha, Kitsune, Maqa
Title: Prince of Ku’Ombos, High Priest of the Sun, First Servant of Isokell ZanTaoyaka
Birthday: April 16th

Ethnicity: Arani (Ku’Ombos)
Eye Color:      Pale Green   
Hair color:     Dark Blond   
Skin color:    Sienna Red   

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Maqaxha is the crown prince of Ku’Ombos, son of Koqonoxha and brother of Shaqani.

A brash and passionate young man, brimming with assurance bordering on arrogance, he grew up doted and adored by the elderly king Koqonoxha –  his first long awaited son after a long row of daughters.

Ever a zealous believer, Maqaxha advanced from a young age among the priestly ranks alongside his earthly responsibilities. He came to know of no euphoria greater than to perform the sacred human sacrifices to the Sun once a year, to him the radiant deity as much a Father as the king himself.

Seeing the world around the isolated jungle kingdom change, Ititshi and Arani growing to live side by side in mutually beneficial trade and cooperation, the old king chose to cautiously open Ku’Ombos’ borders to diplomats of the foreign nations. When the Kayalana diplomat Rannon ZanTaoyaka, once a king himself, came to live at the royal court, the king asked the man to mentor his son, to teach Maqaxha of the world beyond their borders, and hopefully curb the harsher edges of the crown prince’s aggressive nature.

Two very different people, Maqaxha did not always see eye to eye with his teacher, but the austere Ititshi prince nonetheless inspired in him great respect, curiosity and affection, and their friendship gladdened Ku’Ombos and Kayalana both.

Growing into a young man, Maqaxha was greatly dismayed the day the decadent Ititshi nation of Machra-la sent their own diplomat to the Ku’Ombian court. A painted, effeminate man, the Machralese Narcissus embodied everything ungodly and depraved to the devout Ku’Ombians, and barely having set foot upon their soil, Maqaxha and his fellow zealots gave him a brutal welcome to the capital. Masked and anonymous they attacked, leaving him and his courtesan barely alive, promising to return to finish the job if he dared stay.

But in an unforeseen twist of events, their plan backfired, as the Machralese sought and was granted refuge with his fellow Ititshi diplomat, the Kayalana prince Rannon. As decorous as ever, Rannon‘s solidarity with Narcissus and refusal to condemn his ways nonetheless began driving a wedge between him and Maqaxha.

Increasingly fervent in his worship, frustrated with the godless people allowed into the heart of his nation under the guise of diplomacy, the crown prince entertained grand plans for the spiritually cleansed and illuminated kingdom he would build once ascending the throne, and as the years passed by, he grew tired of waiting.

Finally, convinced in his heart of the righteousness of his actions, he served his father poisoned wine, to make it seem like the elderly king had finally succumbed to a weak heart. But before he could declare himself king, rumours of unnatural death and poison began spreading. Placing the blame with the foreign diplomats bought him time, but in the end, a witness dared come forth and tell of what had really happened.

Furious Maqaxha fled the royal palace, to gather his allies and return to take the crown with force if need be. But alone in the jungle he came across a band of slave-traders who gladly took the chance to add free chattel to their ranks. Captured and blinded to break his obstinate spirit, he saw the last of his beloved Sun, and was dragged from his homeland in chains.

In an ironic twist of fate, his captivity carried him to the slums of distant Machra-la, where he would for many years endure a life very different from that of the spoiled prince he had once been.

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