Keelavata Dashkarisna

Name: Keelavata Dashkarisna
Title: Shanti of the Lynx, Councilwoman on the King’s Council
Birthday: October 25th

Ethnicity: Ititshi (Kayalana)
Eye Color: Sapphire
Hair color: Black
Skin color: White

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Keelavata is the daughter of Tajkhan Dashkarisna, who was once Shantu of the Lion and king Rannon‘s closest friend and advisor.

Her mother a warrior who bravely gave her life for her kingdom, Keela grew up close to her father and learned young the way of the warrior, of pride and honour and how to wield a blade. At times accompanying her father on his visits to the royal palace, she was even shown some secret sword techniques by the young monarch himself.

But when drought and famine hit Kayalana, her father’s mood grew ever grimmer, and he was no longer at ease when returning from conferring with his king.

When king Rannon gave the noble Karakali warriors under her father’s command the merciless order to turn upon their own people to quell the uprisings in famine’s wake, they refused to carry it out. Trying to prevent all out war, her father went to reason one last time with his once friend, but the incensed king accused him of treason and struck him down with the very blade Tajkhan had once gifted him as a sign of their friendship.

Thus began the Civil War.

Consumed with fury and hunger for vengeance, the young Keela joined the Karakali in their rebellion, so fierce in her determination and skill that she hurriedly rose through the ranks, despite her young years. Finally earning the title Shanti of the Lynx, she led her legions with ruthless vigour against the corrupted Tyrant, to bring peace to Kayalana and avenge her father at last.

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