The Jaguar King

Original Written Work
Characters: The Jaguar King, Father Sun
Summary: A legend from Ku’Ombos, as told by Maqaxha to the ZanTaoyaka children in his care.

“This is a legend from the land of Ku’Ombos…

Father Sun wanders across the sky and turns the night into day, and in His light, all His children are safe. But the great Black Serpent, who hunts in the dark, shuns His light, and always seeks a way to put it out forever…

One night, when Father Sun approached the horizon, the Black Serpent managed to capture Him. He imprisoned Him in his dark world underground, and the whole world became dark as a moonless night. The night never ended, and in the dark, the Black Serpent hunted the Sun’s children and ate them. Continue reading “The Jaguar King”