Aljana jal-Jahara

Name: Aljana jal-Jahara
Title: Princess of Sirn, High Priestess of Chima
Birthday: April 30th

Ethnicity:   Arani (Sirn)
Eye Color:     Brown Hazel   
Hair color:     Light Gold  
Skin color:     Bronze   

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Aljana is the second daughter of King Hanyohl and Queen Eilah of Sirn, and younger sister of Relonia.

An ambitious woman of fierce integrity and harsh sense of judgment, she always had a deep fascination with the absoluteness of the divine, and early on she chose a spiritual path. Sirn already had it’s great future queen in her sister, Relonia, and so Aljana turned her back on petty worldly matters and dedicated herself to the mystic, training to become a priestess of Chima. Continue reading “Aljana jal-Jahara”