Aljana jal-Jahara

Name: Aljana jal-Jahara
Title: Princess of Sirn, High Priestess of Chima
Birthday: April 30th

Ethnicity:   Arani (Sirn)
Eye Color:     Brown Hazel   
Hair color:     Light Gold  
Skin color:     Bronze   

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Aljana is the second daughter of King Hanyohl and Queen Eilah of Sirn, and younger sister of Relonia.

An ambitious woman of fierce integrity and harsh sense of judgment, she always had a deep fascination with the absoluteness of the divine, and early on she chose a spiritual path. Sirn already had it’s great future queen in her sister, Relonia, and so Aljana turned her back on petty worldly matters and dedicated herself to the mystic, training to become a priestess of Chima. Continue reading “Aljana jal-Jahara”



Name: Zamiel
Title: High Priestess of Chima

Ethnicity: Ititshi (Kayalana)
Eye Color: White
Hair color: White
Skin color: White

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Zamiel is the High Priestess of Chima, residing in the ancient Great Temple of Chima in northern Kayalana.

Zamiel is the oldest and most powerful of the Chima priesthood; a sect of mystics utterly devoted the service of their goddess. Through the final rite of initiation, the acolytes are granted certain gifts, some assured, others more elusive in nature. By swearing their lives to the goddess and sacrificing the ability to ever have children, they are granted very long lives. Some are given the power to heal even the most fatal wounds, some can foresee events to come. Continue reading “Zamiel”


Name: Koqonoxha
Title: King of Ku’Ombos

Ethnicity: Arani (Ku’Ombos)
Eye Color: Dark Grey
Hair color: White
Skin color: Sienna Red

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Koqonoxha is the elderly king of Ku’Ombos, the southernmost of the known Arani nations, and the father of Maqaxha and Shaqani. A wise old king, he saw the world around his isolated jungle kingdom change, Ititshi and Arani unprecedentedly learning to live and thrive side by side.

Knowing himself too set in the old ways to lead his nation into this new world, he invited diplomats from the foreign nations to tutor the crown prince Maqaxha. It was his hope that his beloved son would gain the knowledge, wisdom and diplomacy to lead Ku’Ombos into a golden era, to take its place among the other nations. Continue reading “Koqonoxha”

Na-Merate ZanTaoyaka


Name: Na-Merate ZanTaoyaka
Title: Saya-rama, Queen of Kayalana
Celestial guardian: Cloudserpent

Ethnicity: Ititshi (Kayalana)
Eye Color: Dove Grey
Hair color: Dark Brown
Skin color: White

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Merate was the beloved queen of Tenotaka, and the mother of Shayari and Rannon.

Nicknamed the Dove for her soft grey eyes, she was a gentle and kind woman who always strove to see beauty in all things. So dear was she to high-born and low-born alike, that she was ever referred to with the diminutive Na-prefix, meaning “sweet, loved”. Continue reading “Na-Merate ZanTaoyaka”

Rylerion ZanTaoyaka

Name: Rylerion ZanTaoyaka, Rion
Title: Sati-rehu, Prince of Kayalana, Dark Lord of Carryn-yehl, Warlock, Sati-rama, King of Kayalana
Birthday: New Year’s Eve
Celestial guardian: Phoenix

Ethnicity:  Ititshi (Kayalana)
Eye Color:    Black  
Hair color:    Black  
Skin color:    White   

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Rylerion is the first and only child of Princess Islinn and the Crown Prince Shayari of Kayalana. According to ancient dark tradition, no child born on the night outside time, between the old year and the new, is allowed to live – but the old king set tradition aside this once for the sake of his beloved son.

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Rannon ZanTaoyaka

Name: Rannon ZanTaoyaka
Title: Sati-rehu, Prince of Kayalana, Sati-rama, King of Kayalana
Birthday: January 2nd
Celestial guardian: Dragon

Ethnicity:  Ititshi (Kayalana)
Eye Color:    Grey   
Hair color:    Dark Brown   
Skin color:    White   

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Rannon is the second son of Queen Na-Merate and King Tenotaka ZanTaoyaka of Kayalana, his complicated premature birth costing his mother her life in labour. The King blamed the child for the death of his beloved Queen and could never find it in himself to love his youngest son.

When disaster struck and his older brother Shayari died alongside his family while on a quest for peace, Rannon was unexpectedly thrust first in line for the throne. And when the loss of his beloved firstborn caused the King to die of a broken heart just a short while after, Rannon found himself robbed of all family and crowned king of Kayalana at age 14, with no experience or preparedness to rule. Continue reading “Rannon ZanTaoyaka”

Relonia jal-Jahara

Name: Relonia jal-Jahara
Title: Princess of Sirn, Saya-rama, Queen of Kayalana
Birthday: August 17
Celestial guardian: Keysha

Ethnicity:   Arani (Sirn)
Eye Color:     Olive Green   
Hair color:     Gold   
Skin color:     Bronze   

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Relonia is the daughter of Queen Eilah and King Hanyohl of Sirn; a headstrong and self-assured young woman with a fierce sense of justice only matched by her appetite for thrill and adventure.

When Carryn-yehl to the north fell to the hordes of the Ititshi Warlock, her family welcomed the refugee prince Corrin among them, and they grow up akin to brother and sister. Encouraging Corrin to reclaim his lost kingdom, she went alongside him into the forbidden dark land to vanquish the monster upon its throne. In the battle against the Warlock, she instinctively tore away the amulet that was the source of his magic, jubilant as he fell, not knowing yet she had claimed its powers for herself. Continue reading “Relonia jal-Jahara”

Lapis Lazuli

Name: Lapis Lazuli
Title: Sati, lord of Machra-la, Sati-rava, King of Machra-la
Birthday: May 29th

Ethnicity: Mixed (Machra-la)
Eye Color: Periwinkle
Hair color: Steel Blue
Skin color: Light Gold

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Lazuli is the ruler of the cutthroat island city-state of Machra-la, having claimed the crown in timely Machralese fashion, by means of scheming, betrayal and outright murder. This is all as it should be, and not worthy of particular note. His unmatched skill at keeping the throne, however, is.

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Name: Maqaxha, Kitsune, Maqa
Title: Prince of Ku’Ombos, High Priest of the Sun, First Servant of Isokell ZanTaoyaka
Birthday: April 16th

Ethnicity: Arani (Ku’Ombos)
Eye Color:      Pale Green   
Hair color:     Dark Blond   
Skin color:    Sienna Red   

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Maqaxha is the crown prince of Ku’Ombos, son of Koqonoxha and brother of Shaqani.

A brash and passionate young man, brimming with assurance bordering on arrogance, he grew up doted and adored by the elderly king Koqonoxha –  his first long awaited son after a long row of daughters.

Ever a zealous believer, Maqaxha advanced from a young age among the priestly ranks alongside his earthly responsibilities. He came to know of no euphoria greater than to perform the sacred human sacrifices to the Sun once a year, to him the radiant deity as much a Father as the king himself. Continue reading “Maqaxha”

Keelavata Dashkarisna

Name: Keelavata Dashkarisna
Title: Shanti of the Lynx, Councilwoman on the King’s Council
Birthday: October 25th

Ethnicity: Ititshi (Kayalana)
Eye Color: Sapphire
Hair color: Black
Skin color: White

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Keelavata is the daughter of Tajkhan Dashkarisna, who was once Shantu of the Lion and king Rannon‘s closest friend and advisor.

Her mother a warrior who bravely gave her life for her kingdom, Keela grew up close to her father and learned young the way of the warrior, of pride and honour and how to wield a blade. Continue reading “Keelavata Dashkarisna”