Name: Kekutepacuam, Hematite, Crow
Birthday: January 19th

Ethnicity: Ititshi (Bahari)
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair color: Hematite
Skin color: White

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Crow is a young courtesan of Machra-la. Born on a remote island in the Bahari archipelago, he was sold as a young boy to Machralese merchants in exchange for medicine when his tribe came down with a sickness that threatened to wipe them out.

Torn from his island he was brought to the bustling, lethal madness that is Machra-la, brutally thrown straight into its filthy underbelly. Many young slaves would break and die within the first few months, but the boy hardened his heart, buried all memories of his old life forever, to carve out survival, tooth and nail. Jaded bitterness came very early, it was the only way to stay alive. Continue reading “Crow”