Power of Goodbye

Original Written Work
Characters: Maqaxha, Crow
Summary: The enmity between Kitsune and Crow comes to a point after the fallen prince accidentally lets slip the truth of who he really is.
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Silence spread between them, and he knew he had betrayed himself. His mind raced, he desperately tried to think of something to say, something to do that might miraculously save the situation. He found nothing.

“ So…” Crow breathed, “ You really are the traitor-prince…”

He laughed, that sweet silvery laugh that clashed so with his arrogant, drawling voice.

“ Should I be surprised? I suppose not. To think I have bedded a prince! What an honor…”

Kitsune stood straight and proud, but felt cold inside, sick with fear. All these years, how he’d dreaded the discovery of the truth… And now his most bitter adversary held his greatest secret in his hands.

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