Twist of Fate

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Original Written Work
Characters: Rannon, Maqaxha, Dagger
Summary: Rannon visits the lowest levels of Machra-la in his hopeless search for Aurora, but finds an old friend-turned-enemy instead.
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Of course it had been another dead end. Of course it had.

He should have known better than to dare hope, for a brief moment, to find answers after all this time, and it was with great frustration at himself he had to admit disappointment. A sharp and burning sting clawed at something deep within his chest, and it was unusually hard to find again the comforting cold indifference that had become his equilibrium long ago.

He had known he was unlikely to find answers here in the Floating City, at the filthiest lowest corners of decadent Machra-la – but unlikely as it had been, when the rumour had reached him of a name long unheard whispered in this wretched place, he had followed it desperately nonetheless.

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