Final Gambit

Original Written Work
Characters: Rannon, Saya Eztari, Akari
Summary: Rannon travels in secret to the South, to convince the obstinate Southern Lords to lay down arms and swear fealty to the new King.
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You have not been returning my correspondence, Saya Eztari.”

She froze, three steps into the hall. Not the annoying messenger she had exasperatedly left to wait; the commanding figure sitting upon her dais at the end of the hall was unmistakable, with ice-pale eyes flashing as brightly as the regal diamonds set in his simple circlet crown.

”Sati-rama!” she gasped, floundering, trying and failing to hide her shock.

”Sati-rehu. Our King is still in the capital, awaiting your surrender. Patient, but likely not for much longer. As I have told you, multiple times, in the letters you have chosen to ignore.”

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