Kamiyeh Koto

Name: Kamiyeh Koto
Title: Shantu of the Lion, Councilman on the King’s Council
Birthday: ??

Ethnicity: Ititshi (Kayalana)
Eye Color: Crimson
Hair color: Steel Grey
Skin color: White

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Kamiyeh is the Shantu of the Lion, highest military commander in Kayalana, and the leader of the uprising against Rannon ZanTaoyaka.

He was the one who finally recognized Rylerion as the lost heir upon his homecoming, and the one who spurred the odd young stranger to pick up the banner to reclaim the throne that was rightfully his. Continue reading “Kamiyeh Koto”

Disciplinary Action

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Original Written Work
Characters: Rylerion, Rannon, Kamiyeh
Summary Rannon’s sworn oath to never kill again was broken, and King Rylerion is forced to pass harsh judgment.
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”Would you two care to explain to me,” said the King, intense anger tight in his voice, ”why in all gods’ everlasting hells my people just witnessed my two closest advisors hacking away at each other in deathly combat? Really, do explain, because I am very, very curious to find out.”

”Ask him, Sati-rama”, the old Shantu said, contemptuously indicating the man beside him with barely a nod. ”He killed one of my soldiers in cold blood.”

Rylerion transferred his furious gaze to his uncle, who stood stoically bleeding from a near fatal wound. While his stance was ever proud, at least he had the shame to avert his eyes.

Continue reading “Disciplinary Action”