His Father’s Eyes

Original Written Work
Characters: Keelavata, Rannon, Karaon,
Summary: Keela meets Rannon’s carefree son for the first time, and can’t help but be curious.
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She came across the boy in the palace gardens below the council chamber, sitting on a bench with his face turned towards the flowering trees above, kicking his feet. His face was open and he was smiling, as though nothing could possibly make him more content in this world than just sitting in the sun and listening to the birds on the breeze.

Curious in spite of herself, she walked closer, and he turned his smile on her.


”You must be Karaon,” she stated, as though there could possibly be any doubt about his identity. A younger version of a face she hated, those same grey eyes, but softer, warmer. He nodded and stood, performing a rather clumsy, unpracticed version of a nobleman’s bow.

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