Name: Khata
Species: Dragon
Eye Color: Pale Purple
Color: Black

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Khata is one of the two dragons Rion created as the Warlock of Carryn-yehl.

Alongside her sister Rashka, she revels in the destruction he commands, taking equal pleasure in hunting down and slaying the last living people of the land, and amicably harassing her little master. Out of a dragon’s talons and sense of humour, the claws are the least sharp…

Forest Fire by Roquen

Forest Fire by Roquen
Characters: Neyrika, Rylerion, Khata, Relonia, Sirin
Summary: A young Carrysh girl goes cloudberry-picking and meets a stranger in the forest.
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Sirin promised her parents she wouldn’t stray too far from the village, but after an hour of chasing sunlit patches in search of cloudberries she looks up and realises the trees have closed in around her.

The cloudberries weigh down the basket on her arm. She licks the juice from her fingers as she thinks.

Her parents warned her about going too deep into the wilderness. There are forest fires every summer, but this year the smoke has brought darker rumours. Sirin’s parents won’t tell her what they’re so afraid of, but her cousin said there’s a ghost up in the mountains, a terrible white ghoul with a long black cloak and fire dripping from its bony fingers. Continue reading “Forest Fire by Roquen”

Come Fly by Soawen

Come Fly by Soawen
Characters: Rannon, Khata
Summary: After the Final Battle, Rannon has trouble seeing anything but a battlefield when he approaches a zenaqet board. Combine that with the darkest night coming up, and he’s in free fall. Fortunately for him (and his surroundings), Khata is used to dealing with foolish ZanTaoyakas.
Warnings: Mentions of battle, a so not realistic cure for the aftermath of war
A/N: This is the cause of this. I realize Rannon and Khata are being all bad-ass here (no better player indeed!), but maybe the aftermath was less … fun.
For art and other works inspired by this, click here.

Isokell was careful not to scowl when Rannon carefully stepped around their zenaqet board and ignored their game completely despite it being his turn.

Not that she minded how he sank down next to her with a murmur of her name, not at all, but it was so frustrating that he didn’t want to talk about the lack of- of- she didn’t know what, only that he had stopped playing after what had become known as the Final Battle, claiming that he had played enough, and only that he was not getting any better with new year and its dark night closing in. Continue reading “Come Fly by Soawen”