Name: Koqonoxha
Title: King of Ku’Ombos

Ethnicity: Arani (Ku’Ombos)
Eye Color: Dark Grey
Hair color: White
Skin color: Sienna Red

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Koqonoxha is the elderly king of Ku’Ombos, the southernmost of the known Arani nations, and the father of Maqaxha and Shaqani. A wise old king, he saw the world around his isolated jungle kingdom change, Ititshi and Arani unprecedentedly learning to live and thrive side by side.

Knowing himself too set in the old ways to lead his nation into this new world, he invited diplomats from the foreign nations to tutor the crown prince Maqaxha. It was his hope that his beloved son would gain the knowledge, wisdom and diplomacy to lead Ku’Ombos into a golden era, to take its place among the other nations. Continue reading “Koqonoxha”