Name: Lylacra
Title: Warlock’s familiar
Birthday: February

Species: Ylvain
Eye Color: Midnight Blue
Fur color: White

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Lylacra is an ylvain, a highly intelligent species of canines living in the mountains.

As a pup, she lost her mother and siblings to a trapper’s snares, hunted for their fine furs, and would doubtlessly have met the same fate. But Rion, the little boy sent into the den to scout for stragglers, saw the fear in her eyes, and in that moment her rare white color seemed so reminiscent of his own loathed pale skin. In a small, brave act of rebellion he lied to his master, claiming the den empty, allowing her to live. Secretly naming her her after the brightest guiding star in the sky, he would return to her as often as he was able, to sneak her preciously hoarded food and spend time in her company. Continue reading “Lylacra”