Name: Maqaxha, Kitsune, Maqa
Title: Prince of Ku’Ombos, High Priest of the Sun, First Servant of Isokell ZanTaoyaka
Birthday: April 16th

Ethnicity: Arani (Ku’Ombos)
Eye Color:      Pale Green   
Hair color:     Dark Blond   
Skin color:    Sienna Red   

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Maqaxha is the crown prince of Ku’Ombos, son of Koqonoxha and brother of Shaqani.

A brash and passionate young man, brimming with assurance bordering on arrogance, he grew up doted and adored by the elderly king Koqonoxha –  his first long awaited son after a long row of daughters.

Ever a zealous believer, Maqaxha advanced from a young age among the priestly ranks alongside his earthly responsibilities. He came to know of no euphoria greater than to perform the sacred human sacrifices to the Sun once a year, to him the radiant deity as much a Father as the king himself. Continue reading “Maqaxha”