A Game Well Played

Original Written Work
Characters: Narcissus, Lazuli
Summary: The glorious rivalry of Machra-la’s brightest rising young stars is reaching its bittersweet conclusion.

May I have a word with you, Sati Lazuli..?”

“But of course, Sati Narcissus. I always do so enjoy our conversations.”

The din turned only slightly less deafening as they made their way into the fresh night air of the gardens, moving with the very studied casual grace of two men expecting a dagger to the back at any moment.

“Our beloved Rava certainly knows how to throw a party, doesn’t she..?” Lazuli commented, turning to face his bitter rival with a benign smile.

“Oh, yes,” Narcissus agreed, smile every bit as sweet. “The Festival of Five Flowers this last spring? Absolutely inspired! I will have to admit, these last few years of sparring with you in all the golden halls of Machra-la have been entertaining beyond measure.”

“Past tense..?” Lazuli commented, a sudden sharpness to the unwavering smile. Continue reading “A Game Well Played”