Name: Neyrika, The Roh
Title: Queen of Carryn-yehl
Birthday: ??

Species: Forest-spirit (Carryn-yehl)
Eye Color: Lavender
Hair color: Violet Grey
Skin color: Taupe

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The Roh is an ancient, powerful spirit of the wilderness of Carryn-yehl.

Capricious, as spirits often are, and with very different morals to those of humans, she only very rarely interferes directly with their world. But sensing the darkness that was to come, she chose to act.

Taking the shape of a beautiful human woman, she enthralled the young king Carryn while he was hunting in her forests, let him wed her and became for a short time the queen Neyrika. She bore him a son, Corrin, then vanished back to her wilderness – a bright seed planted in the human world, to take root and help things grow again one day, after the destruction. Continue reading “Neyrika”

Forest Fire by Roquen

Forest Fire by Roquen
Characters: Neyrika, Rylerion, Khata, Relonia, Sirin
Summary: A young Carrysh girl goes cloudberry-picking and meets a stranger in the forest.
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Sirin promised her parents she wouldn’t stray too far from the village, but after an hour of chasing sunlit patches in search of cloudberries she looks up and realises the trees have closed in around her.

The cloudberries weigh down the basket on her arm. She licks the juice from her fingers as she thinks.

Her parents warned her about going too deep into the wilderness. There are forest fires every summer, but this year the smoke has brought darker rumours. Sirin’s parents won’t tell her what they’re so afraid of, but her cousin said there’s a ghost up in the mountains, a terrible white ghoul with a long black cloak and fire dripping from its bony fingers. Continue reading “Forest Fire by Roquen”