Rylerion ZanTaoyaka

Name: Rylerion ZanTaoyaka, Rion
Title: Sati-rehu, Prince of Kayalana, Dark Lord of Carryn-yehl, Warlock, Sati-rama, King of Kayalana
Birthday: New Year’s Eve
Celestial guardian: Phoenix

Ethnicity:  Ititshi (Kayalana)
Eye Color:    Black  
Hair color:    Black  
Skin color:    White   

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Rylerion is the first and only child of Princess Islinn and the Crown Prince Shayari of Kayalana. According to ancient dark tradition, no child born on the night outside time, between the old year and the new, is allowed to live – but the old king set tradition aside this once for the sake of his beloved son.

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Forest Fire by Roquen

Forest Fire by Roquen
Characters: Neyrika, Rylerion, Khata, Relonia, Sirin
Summary: A young Carrysh girl goes cloudberry-picking and meets a stranger in the forest.
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Sirin promised her parents she wouldn’t stray too far from the village, but after an hour of chasing sunlit patches in search of cloudberries she looks up and realises the trees have closed in around her.

The cloudberries weigh down the basket on her arm. She licks the juice from her fingers as she thinks.

Her parents warned her about going too deep into the wilderness. There are forest fires every summer, but this year the smoke has brought darker rumours. Sirin’s parents won’t tell her what they’re so afraid of, but her cousin said there’s a ghost up in the mountains, a terrible white ghoul with a long black cloak and fire dripping from its bony fingers. Continue reading “Forest Fire by Roquen”