Returning The Blades

Original Written Work
Characters: Rylerion, Rannon
Summary: Rion asks his uncle what he should do with the legendary blades that were taken from him after he attacked and killed an unarmed soldier at Akari’s supposed funeral.

“I have been told countless times how these blades are the epitome symbols of the truest virtues of Kayalana,” Rylerion said, lifting the pair of blades from their stand to hold them between them. “Marks of absolute dedication to duty, to honour. After what happened, do you still feel you deserve to bear them?”

It took Rannon uncharacteristically long to reply, and for all his stoicism there were lines of pain around his eyes when he finally forced himself to.

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Don’t Let The Groom Run Away

Original Written Work
Characters: Rylerion, Rannon
Summary: A brief moment of family connection, right before Rion’s wedding.

“Is the collar straight?”

Restless fidgeting. The older man’s hands steady as they minutely adjust the heavy metal wings holding the even heavier cloak in place. A look suspiciously akin to amusement on his face.

“It will be if you stand still.”

 The king all but freezes, but only for a few moments before he unthinkingly moves again, shrugging against the weight.

“Nervous?” asks his uncle to distract him, tone unusually gentle. A harsh exhale, for a moment a cornered look in the younger man’s eyes.

“More nervous than I have ever been in my life.Continue reading “Don’t Let The Groom Run Away”

In The Balance

Original Written Work
Characters: Rylerion, Corrin
Summary: Defeated and captured by the hated Arani, Rion is given a moment’s chance to slay his enemy, the prince of Carryn-yehl.

Like a snake the Itishi struck, without warning.

In one single fluid movement he swept the knife off the table, grabbed his collar and pressed the blade hard against his throat.

”I could slit your throat with a flick of my wrist,” he hissed, and for an ice-cold moment Corrin wondered if his gifts had let him down at last. Forcing himself to trust in his instincts, he let out a silent breath.

”And yet you aren’t,” he pointed out, calmly, holding that black stare without flinching. The most minute tremor passed through the hand holding the knife, a brief flicker of uncertainty. Continue reading “In The Balance”


Original Written Work
Characters: Rylerion, Rannon
Summary: Rylerion finds out the overthrown tyrant went behind his back to negotiate with the Southern Lords and confronts him about it.
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“I gave you the South. Brought peace to your kingdom. Might that not be worth something?”

He leaned back, scowling in disbelief.

“You broke my trust. You flagrantly disobeyed my orders, ignored the sole two conditions I set up for your freedom, committing outright treason, and you have the nerve to ask for favours?”

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Original Written Work
Characters: Tenotaka, Shayari, Rannon, Islinn, Rylerion
Summary: On this dark night, no life must be brought into the world. Yet an old king struggles with the choice to set tradition aside out of love for his son.
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A cool wind, with a taste of snow, whispered across the beaches of the small island, a reminder of the winter that still held the land in its clutches. Between narrow towers it soared, through an ancient city cloaked in twilight. Despite the approaching dusk, only a few specks of light could be seen inside the slender buildings; the wind might as well have whispered through a ghost city void of life.

This night no lights burned in Kayalana; no living creature wanted to draw the attention of the powers that be upon their home; none wanted to tempt fate on this night when no gods were watching, when time stood still

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Golden princess and magic

Original Written Work
Characters: Rylerion, Relonia
Summary: The Dark Lord of Carryn-yehl is sentenced to death for his vile crimes. But facing the same demons he did, the princess who took his powers considers a different choice.
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”Let’s see just how long we can make you burn”, she had said, the last time he saw her, and the waking nightmares had kept him company in the dark ever since.

He thought he had steeled himself for the outdrawn, excruciating death that awaited when they came for him, but the cold distant stars above promised hours even until daybreak on this very last morning.
They were alone, the guards dismissed with a haughty nod, no witnesses yet gathered for the spectacle to come. Hours at her mercy, until daybreak and what morning would bring.

An eternity.

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Promise of Freedom

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Original Written Work
Characters: Rylerion, Rannon
Summary: The newly crowned King of Kayalana visits the palace dungeons and decides to show the overthrown tyrant mercy, for the sake of family.
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It was damp and it was dark, the endless corridor leading ever deeper, ever downwards . The two small shirae-lanterns he carried were feeble things, whose gentle light barely touched the walls. Damp, and dark, and far too familiar, though he had never set foot here beneath his palace before. In a way he supposed all castle dungeons were much the same, serving the same purpose.

He knew all about that.

Carryn-yehl had had plenty of dungeons, and he had put them to good use. The royal palace of At-ni Cal had them, too, and those had been locked from the outside. Oh, yes, he was quite used to the damp darkness and lingering smells of human decay, though the memories they brought back were hardly pleasant, for many very different reasons.

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Disciplinary Action

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Original Written Work
Characters: Rylerion, Rannon, Kamiyeh
Summary Rannon’s sworn oath to never kill again was broken, and King Rylerion is forced to pass harsh judgment.
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”Would you two care to explain to me,” said the King, intense anger tight in his voice, ”why in all gods’ everlasting hells my people just witnessed my two closest advisors hacking away at each other in deathly combat? Really, do explain, because I am very, very curious to find out.”

”Ask him, Sati-rama”, the old Shantu said, contemptuously indicating the man beside him with barely a nod. ”He killed one of my soldiers in cold blood.”

Rylerion transferred his furious gaze to his uncle, who stood stoically bleeding from a near fatal wound. While his stance was ever proud, at least he had the shame to avert his eyes.

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Come With Me

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Original Written Work
Characters: Rylerion, Rannon
Summary: While crossing the ancient forests of the great mountains, Rylerion decides to introduce his uncle to a couple of old friends.
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”Come with me,” the King had said, tone hushed, ”There is something I want to show you.”

The day’s journey had been hard, and he would not have minded his rest, but duty was duty, and as his nephew led the way into the darkening woods, away from camp, he would admit his curiosity piqued.

As twilight smothered the mountains, the uneven terrain soon became hopelessly difficult to navigate, tree roots, rocks and unseen pitfalls at every other step. Rylerion seemed to manage quite fine, though, and kept a brisk pace that would have been much easier to maintain if not for the thin air. It wasn’t long before he tasted blood at the back of his throat, but he’d be damned if he would admit to being completely winded just from walking.

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