Tenotaka ZanTaoyaka


Name: Tenotaka ZanTaoyaka
Title: Sati-rama, King of Kayalana
Birthday: June 29
Celestial guardian: Taka / Thunderbird

Ethnicity: Ititshi (Kayalana)
Eye Color: Gold
Hair color: Grey
Skin color: White

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Tenotaka was a dignified king of Kayalana, and the father of Shayari and Rannon. An austere man prone to dark moods, he found his life’s only light and warmth in his beloved queen, Na-Merate.

But after the queen died while giving birth to their second son, the king’s already bleak disposition shifted towards the colder for good, living on for duty alone, and for many long years no smile or warmth would ever reach his eyes. Unable to forgive his youngest son for bereaving him of the one love of his life, he sent the boy away young to be trained by the Karakali warrior caste and the country’s best scholars, away from court and his sight. Continue reading “Tenotaka ZanTaoyaka”


Original Written Work
Characters: Tenotaka, Shayari, Rannon, Islinn, Rylerion
Summary: On this dark night, no life must be brought into the world. Yet an old king struggles with the choice to set tradition aside out of love for his son.
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A cool wind, with a taste of snow, whispered across the beaches of the small island, a reminder of the winter that still held the land in its clutches. Between narrow towers it soared, through an ancient city cloaked in twilight. Despite the approaching dusk, only a few specks of light could be seen inside the slender buildings; the wind might as well have whispered through a ghost city void of life.

This night no lights burned in Kayalana; no living creature wanted to draw the attention of the powers that be upon their home; none wanted to tempt fate on this night when no gods were watching, when time stood still

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