That Which Never Will Be by Lawenta

That Which Never Will Be by Lawenta
Characters: Corrin, Lylacra
Summary: Corrin hears rumours of a while ylvain skulking around the countryside, and having a strong suspicion who it might be, sets out to look for her.
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It reached Corrin’s ears as a complaint.

There was a story, apparently, at the very edges of what was currently the inhabited part of Carryn-yehl, of a ghastly white, limping ylvain. A horribly bad sign: very few people saw the monster king and his companion first hand and lived, but the word has gotten around.

Besides that, as the man who carried in the news pointed out, it was a nuisance: the thing kept stealing chickens and was far too clever for any of the traps laid for it. Nobody dared to hunt it too deep into the forest. For sure that was a good way to never return.

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