The Star – Coda by Lawenta

The Star – Coda by Lawenta
Characters: Maqaxha
Summary: Unable to fathom the second chance he’s been granted, Maqaxha/Kitsune is quite overwhelmed by the simplest of things.
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He ran his fingers over the fabric of his tunic in wonder. Not because is was so fine – it wasn’t, not in particular, though it was durable and tightly woven – but because it was intended for him and it covered him like a second, protective skin. It clung to his neck at the back and didn’t leave even the tips of his collarbones visible to a roaming eye, especially when he closed it as tightly as it would go. The sleeves went down to his wrists, covering the sores, and pants completed his outfit, easy to move in yet going down to his ankles.

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